Frequently Asked Questions

Our “premium version” does include our premium ‘subliminal messages booster’ and ‘divine alchemy enhancer’ subliminal affirmations in addition to the subliminals that are on topic – mixed and woven perfectly into one audio file. These boosters/enhancers task is to facilitate our subliminals and their effects even better. These are also in constant process of improvement through progression and further development, so they may change over time. On our website we offer you exclusive access to these premium version subliminals.

From a technical point of view, they come as a pre-made mp3 audio file, containing all the ‘ingredients’ which make our subliminals so powerful; high quality subliminal messages with advanced phrasing, brain-wave-stimulating frequencies in form of isochronic and binaural tones and (pre-selected) relaxing backround music. Because of this, the mp3-file is instantly available for download, the moment you purchase it. This is why we also call them sometimes ‘instant-download-mp3’ in the product description.

Every subliminal product you can purchase here on are ‘premium version’ or ‘legacy version’ subliminals. ‘Premium version’ subliminals are the newer ones based on our V2.0 tech onwards. ‘Legacy version’ subliminals represent the previous premium version subliminals, based on our tech V1.9 and older.

Our ‘subliminals creator’ (aka ‘subliminal creator’, ‘subliminal maker’, ‘create your own subliminals’) is, contrary to the other versions, not a pre-made audio file. You can decide what the core/specific topics of the subliminal affirmations should be. You can do so by writing it in the designated textfield on the product page, before putting it into the cart. We do the rest, meaning we will put it into a logical form with our phrasing and timing techniques and combining it our boosters and enhancers – just like in our premium versions. That assures you get a high quality product, just how you’re used to from us but made for you specifically!

After your purchase we put together your unique subliminal, with the affirmations you have choosen. We’ll send you a download-link as soon as it’s ready. Although it comes with a little bit of a waiting time for you, the benefit for you is, you can choose the background music from our selection and the audio file type (mp3, wave or m4a aac), for an even better and more personalized listening experience, just for you.
Please read the product description for more information. Click here.

The background music is categorized in specific natural element groups (e.g. water, fire, earth, ice, space, water-earth) or in a certain type of music genre (e.g. classical, lofi-chillhop, meditation). The bgm can sometimes, depending on the product, be changed/selected before you purchase.

You can listen to our bgm’s beforehand on the ‘samples‘ page of our website. Click here.

‘Legacy version’ subliminals represent the previous premium version subliminals, based on our tech V1.9 and older.

Our ‘free version’ subliminals do only contain excerpts of the aforementioned premium boosters, enhancers and combinations. Additionally they may not get as many improvements over time. You cannot purchase this version here on our website at this moment in time.